Where are the green oases of the concrete deserts where the city people recover in their free time? In which places they can breathe deeply, recharge their batteries and just relax and unwind?

The five-part series reveals the secret green lungs of London, Budapest, Paris, Leipzig and Detroit, where nature and man together have recaptured the city through community gardens. They create their own little paradises, in which the can dig, grow and experiment. Whether fallow land or backyards - anywhere in the city can be found places that carry a touch of holiday in itself and give the townspeople a piece of nature and freedom. We make a foray through four major European cities and travel to Detroit in the USA. In doing so, we get to know the places that for the city dweller are usually more than simple gardens: The city oasis is a meeting place and a haven of peace, a creative space and workplace - and often an important part of the life of the city gardeners. In contrast to the surrounding "Moloch city", we show these oases: nature and animal footage illustrate the diversity of the fauna that hides here in seclusion. The relationships of the people within the city gardens constitute the inner dramaturgy of the series and characterize the liveliness of the city oasis.


ARTE / MDR, 5 x 45 minutes, 2016