Premiere: 2008 , WDR, Menschen-hautnah
Writer, Director: Peter Moers, Frank Papenbroock
Camera: Peter Moers
Editor: Tim Böhme
Duration: 43´30“ Min.

Lost in life

The living hell Andreas already had experienced in his childhood. For eight years he and his younger brother get only water and bread from their foster family, till the youngest dies in the cot right beside him - only then the public authorities react. When Andreas with his nine years finally got liberated, he doesn`t weigh more than a three-year-old infant. 

Now the former foster child attains full age, but inward he is still a child: too serious are the experiences of the past. In the last ten years Andreas was passed from children`s home to children`s home. Nobody could handle his tics. He rampages, manipulates the advisors, drives housemates and therapists to desperation.

After the first film in 2005 about the, at that time, sixteen-year-old boy the youth welfare service attempted to help with intensive care. Andrea`s limp which was the result of corporal punishment in his childhood was cured through a surgery, he got a flat on his own and support for his graduation. 

Now the former foster child attains full age but inward he doesn`t feel like an adult. In the employment center they neither will have use in the future for somebody who is chronically suspicious, can`t even concentrate an hour long and is prone to emotional eruptions.  
Andreas will have a rough ride, also in his further life.