Premiere: WDR, Länder-Menschen-Abenteuer, Nov. 2005
Director: Peter Moers, Jörg Daniel Hissen
Camera: Peter Moers
Editor: Andreas Zerr
Duration: 43´30“ Min.

Alongside the loneliest road in the USA, the highway 50, the truckstop „Border Inn“ is located solitarily in a valley in the high desert of Nevada. 

Surrounded by snowy mountains and a great landscape the „Border Inn“ stands exactly on the frontier between the federal states Nevada and Utah, 200 miles north of Las Vegas. Here cowboys and their herds of cattle shape the broad American country in the amount of 2000 meter. The „Border“ is the only gas station, the only restaurant, and what`s more, the only social meeting point for the local population within a distance of over hundred kilometers.

The owner Denys Koyle runs the „Border Inn“ since over 20 years. She has a sympathetic ear for everybody and is the kind soul of the valley. One coffee with her replaces the morning paper. We observed Deny and her customers - the cowboys, the sheriff, the brand mark inspector and other curious characters of the high desert. Every early summer the cowboys of the valley muster their widely scattered cattle with horse and lasso, and brand the new born calves their family brand mark. Because in this remote parts of the USA cattle stealing is still the most outlawed crime.