Premiere: 2009, WDR, tag7
Writer, Director: Peter Moers, Frank Papenbroock
Camera: Peter Moers
Editor: Vera Berg
Duration: 43´30“ Min.

In the last years especially Free Church Evangelical groupings established their own private schools in North Rhine-Westphalia.

All private schools as well as public schools are legally bound to comply with the courses of instruction which are adopted by the ministry of education. However, simultaneously the (Christian) private schools are allowed to teach their own values.

The moral-ethical world view of the pupils can be influenced in as much as their knowledge and their performance: Thereby the Bible serves as the uncontested model.

Critics fear the manipulation of the pupils, because the lacking state control makes the creeping spread of evangelical hostility towards science possible. The rejection of the theory of evolution and the knowledge transfer of bible-abiding creationism are assumed - even in natural scientific subjects.

The movie examines carefully the Free Church Schools in North Rhine-Westphalia. Are they an enrichment of the education system or the beginning of a new Christian fundamentalism?