Premiere: 2007, ZDF Terra X, ARTE
Writer, Director: Peter Moers, Frank Papenbroock
Camera: Peter Moers
Editor: Vera Berg
CGI: Digital Fish, Markus Fischmann
Duration: 52 Min. / 43 Min.

Search for king Gilgamesh

A daredevil like Gilgamesh today would be a superstar who would augur vast numbers of circulations and ratings. Thousand of years ago he was the hero of the first bestseller of the world history, the Epic of Gilgamesh. Otherwise there are no evidences of the overweening and lavish king of Uruk, who was purified after the death of his friend Enkidu and went down in history of Mesopotamia as a wise and good ruler. But then archeologists found a strange building in a silted riverbed........

Are there indications of real facts in the oldest epic of mankind? The movie searches for historical traces of the legendary ruler and finds out together with researchers that there is more evidence than assumed before.