Premiere: 2010 ZDF Terra X
Writer, Director: Peter Moers, Frank Papenbroock
Camera: Peter Moers
Editor: Vera Berg
CGI: Optix Toronto
Duration: 43´30“ Min.

More than 2600 years ago the author Homer wrote an epic with an immense force: the ILIAD. He describes a huge war, a magnificent city and heroic combatants. It is an opus magnum for the world‘s culture, creating a basis the Western civilisation.

But Homer`s secret was never disclosed: Which place did the Greek author describe in the Iliad? Who was Homer actually and where did he live?

Since 150 years scientists unavailingly try to unravel the mystery „Homer“. Now the Austrian literary-scholar Raoul Schrott believes to know it: the trace of his detailed research leads him directly to Kilikia, in the South of today`s Turkey.

Homer`s description from the Iliad fits excellently into that remote region - but classical scholars and archaeologists are up in arms about the theses of Schrott